AIA Course #: HAW585
IDCEC Course #: CC-105450
Subject Code: 2. Interior Design / 5. Future Issues
One Hour Course

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Course Description:

The world of work is changing rapidly. This course will focus on the dynamic role of work and its effects on the workplace. Examining what drives that change and discovering how the workplace is impacted provides critical insights and understanding in preparing for, and aligning with the office of the future.

Course Objectives:

Content Outline:

  1. Introduction 
  2. Examine the changing role of work, and discuss the resulting impacts on the workplace and the “knowledge worker”
  3. Delve into what forces are driving these changes and the “trending framework” that they fall into.
         a. Explore key social factors; work demographics, shifting nature of work, health, attraction and  retention, and how they are compelling changes in the workplace
         b. Look at the rapid advancements in innovative technology, its current role and affects on the workplace as well as what the future could look like
         c. Consider the economic climate and its impact on organizational behavior and the places they inhabit
         d. Discover how a growing emphasis on environmental conscientiousness is shaping how and where we  work.
        e. Identify political changes and government behaviors motivating trends in the workplace.
  4.  Conclusion | Question & Answer