AIA Course #: HAW100
Programming & Analysis/Building Analysis and Programming
IDCEC Course #: 111150
Subject Code: 3. Interior Design Education/1. Instruction

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Course Description

The world of work is changing rapidly. Examining what drives change and discovering how the workplace is impacted provides critical insights for understanding and navigating the office of the future.

This 1-hour course will review the current insights and trends of the workplace using the STEEP model (e.g., social, technology, environment, economic, and political) and how trends are used to influence culture, design, workstyles, space, and furniture.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the STEEP strategy model.
  • Explore the trending topics shaping and driving change and how they can influence the future of work.
  • Examine the trends in social, technology, economic, environmental, and political categories.
  • Connect how trends influence the creation of environments that will evolve, change, and impact the future of the workplace.