AIA Course #: HAW593 – HSW
Programming & Analysis/Environmental & Contextual Conditions
IDCEC Course #: 105463R2 - HSW
Subject Code: 4. Design Specialties, Hospital

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Course Description

The Healthier Hospitals Initiative (HHI) is a call-to-action for an entire industry. It is an invitation for healthcare organizations across the country to join the shift to a more sustainable business model—and a challenge for organizations to address the health and environmental impacts of the industry.

This 1-hour course explores the HHI with a focus on interior furnishings through investigation of potential health implications, learning about the chemicals HHI seeks to eliminate, and a real-life example of implementation.  

Learning Objectives

  • Review the chemicals HHI seeks to eliminate.
  • Investigate the impacts of the chemicals HHI seeks to eliminate.
  • Define the HHI furnishing requirements.
  • Application of content to real-world scenario.