Case Study World Leader in Vacation Rental

A world leader in the vacation rental industry worked with Haworth for the first time, to deliver a new workplace solution for 50 staff, including ergonomic seating (VERY conference, task and side chairs), meeting room furniture and storage units (HAT elements) and collaborative workspaces (PLANES training tables).



The budget and timeline were tight – just eight weeks – and the space was challenging in that it had inconsistent site measurements, which prolonged production times.

However, the Haworth Singapore team was able to successfully resolve these issues before the deadline.

Working with the provided specifications and budget was tough, but Haworth’s team looked carefully at its product portfolio and sourced the right furniture to deliver an outstanding solution.

Our project manager kept an experienced eagle eye on the delivery process, ensuring a smooth transition that proactively resolved any site issues before they became an issue.

“This is the first project in a long time with no defects or outstanding items,” enthused the company’s project manager