Our Sustainability Vision

Haworth will be a sustainable corporation.  We engage our employees in more sustainable practices; we initiate and use processes that are neutral or improve our environment; and we utilize our resources in ways that create adaptable and sustainable workspace solutions for our customers.  We do all of this globally to protect and restore our environment, create economic value, and support and strengthen our communities.

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Our Value Stream Approach

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For years, the economy promoted a linear value stream that focused on products and services with short, linear life spans.  It is our goal to improve this paradigm into a circular value stream that includes products and services that are part of a circular, sustainable economy.  Shifting to this holistic approach requires sustainable products and sourcing, the sharing of knowledge and services, continuous support and engagement of the community, and the accountability of our global operations.

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We are committed to designing with the environment in mind, through sustainable material choices and engineering processes and the removal of Haworth banned chemicals.

Our designers implement sustainable objectives that contribute toward certifications from BIFMA level®, FEMB and GREENGUARD®. This drive toward sustainable solutions helps protect the planet and meet client expectations.

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Supply Chain

Through our global network of supplier partners, we engage in continuous dialogue, education and share best practices to ensure their codes of conduct include socially and ecologically responsible sourcing. Nurturing these relationships maintains integrity and transparency throughout our supply chain.

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Manufacturing & Logistics

Since 2010, all Haworth manufacturing facilities globally have achieved ISO 14001 certification. In 2012, we attained Zero Waste to Landfill status globally, strengthening our commitment to continuous improvement through waste, water and energy reduction initiatives. We are also committed to green transportation by increasing resource-efficient transportation.

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Usage & Performance

We strive for solutions that are neutral to the environment, with positive impacts on human health. Our products are designed and built leveraging global knowledge and best practices, earning top certifications such as GREENGUARD®, BIFMA level®, FEMB and NF Environment. They also contribute toward LEED® building certifications. We are also experimenting with the WELL Building Standard to support well-being.

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Continued & After Use

Once a Haworth product reaches the end of its desired life, we want to ensure our customers know their options for recycling, resale, refurbishment and donation. We provide product certifications and life cycle assessments, and encourage our customers to contact us regarding end-of-life options in their region to prevent products from being discarded into landfills.

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People & Community

Haworth is proud of its commitment to operate as an ethical business and support the communities in which we live - all around the world. Through volunteer hours, health and safety protocols, and continuing education (including ethics and anti-corruption), we engage our employees - whom we call members - to help protect and restore our environment, create economic value, and strengthen our communities.