Pablo Designs

By Pablo Pardo & Pablo Studio

Luci lamp creates a zone of warm-dim illumination that suits all aspects of daily life. Luci also boasts a best-in-class battery life to provide many hours of untethered illumination between charges. The lamp's compact stature encourages portability, from the bedroom to dining to workplace settings alike.

Luci Overview

Available in both Table or Floor models, Luci is designed to encourage mobility at a moment's notice, creating warm and
focused zones of illumination for indoor and outdoor enjoyment.

    • Lasts for 50K hours or 25 years of daily use.
    • 97% of material is recyclable.
    • 3 Light levels: 100/40/10%.
    • 18-180hr Battery Life.
    • Durable All Aluminum Body.
    • Uses only 2.1W (Table) and 5.3W (Floor) of power (90% more efficient than a comparable halogen light source).
    • Color Temperature: 2700K - 2200K (Warm dim).
    • Luminosity: 150 Lumens.
    • Voltage: 120V - 50/60Hz.
    • 6hr charge time (24W power block included)
    • China