Bola Lantern

Pablo Designs

By Pablo Pardo & Pablo Studio

Bola Lantern makes for a beautiful light companion that can take center stage at social gatherings indoor or out while providing a warm ambiance that can set the scene for more intimate encounters.

Bola Lantern Overview

Bola Lantern's elegant scale with wide-ranging finish combos makes it a perfect centerpiece to gather around. It provides 4 levels of warm ambient light with enough battery power to continue the festivities late into the night.

    • Discs are available in chrome, brass, gunmetal, and matte black.
    • The leather handles are available in natural vegetable-tanned leather and black.
    • Battery life ranges from 10-400 hours depending on light intensity.
    • Bola Lantern produces 280 Lumens of warm ambient light.
    • China