By BuzziSpace Studio

BuzziRing is a wall-mounted, compact and temporary work or meeting space designed with open-plan offices in mind. It is acoustically well-balanced on the inside, being an ideal space for short meetings, catching up on emails or making phone calls away from distractions. Want to organize an informal 1-to-1 meeting without being disturbed? Ensure social distance by ordering the optional transparent screen. Then, only the topic of the meeting matters.

BuzziRing Overview

Thanks to the space between the wall and BuzziRing, the upholstered-foam body can absorb the sound waves from crowded environments and prevent them from bouncing back into the room.

The oval shape has been designed with functionality in mind. No matter how tall you are, you will always be able to stick your head in. Seated or standing, BuzziRing works both ways.


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