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Dimensions of Well-Being with Seth Stevens

Well-being is a basic, fundamental state that encompasses our physical, cognitive, and emotional health. Join us to hear from Seth Stevens of Kohler, who will share how the conditions of our space and environment support our well-being: an environment that resists contamination, is easy to clean, and helps maintain hygienics will create feelings of security, confidence, harmony, and peace of mind.
October 7
4pm (GMT) / 5pm (CET) / 7pm (GST) / 8.30pm (IST) / 11pm (SGT) / 1am+1 (AEST)


Design for Caregiver Workflow

Empowering the caregiver is about putting people at the center. When caregivers are provided high-performance workspaces with technology integration that adjust to future workflows—along with respite spaces—it allows them to do their best work. Hosted by Haworth and Ergotron, this panel presentation focuses on designing workflows in caregiver spaces. Join us to discover emerging trends that impact future healthcare design and get inspired for your projects.

October 21
5pm (GMT) / 6pm (CET) / 8pm (GST) / 9.30pm (IST) / 12pm (SGT) / 2am+1 (AEST)



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October 28
November 11
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