Haworth Knowledge Videos

Organizational Culture & Leadership

Culture is a catalyst for engagement, collaboration, and innovation. When culture and business goals align, employees are more engaged, which yields higher returns. Beyond engaging employees for the sake of revenue, a healthy culture fosters collaboration and innovation. Hear University of Michigan professor and author Jeff DeGraff discuss the power of aligning business goals and culture.  



Whether you’re working from home or in an office, it’s healthy to get up and move. Designing your workspace to encourage desired behaviors can lead to increased happiness and well-being. Dr. Mike O’Neill, who leads Haworth's Research, Workplace Strategy, and Business Intelligence teams, shares how to meet people’s needs so they thrive at work.


Change Management & Social Norms

Bill Altena, Haworth Senior Program Development Consultant, talks about change management, the importance of including your employees in the process, and creating social norms within the workplace.


Organizational Culture & Innovation

Innovation happens in organizations that understand culture. Leveraging the right culture and supporting those cultures with the right space will help creativity and innovation flourish. Listen to what University of Michigan professor and author Jeff DeGraff has to say about culture. 


Optimizing the Workplace for Innovation

Regardless of industry, organizations are tasked with innovating. This responsibility largely falls on the employees to create new ideas and make them come to life. Listen to Haworth’s Beck Johnson, Senior Research Specialist, define creativity and innovation and why they’re both important in the workplace.


Work Socially

The idea of working anywhere has never been more important than right now. Walk through Convene’s coworking space alongside Cindy Allen, Editor in Chief of Interior Design magazine, to discover the importance of good design and being social while you work.