Speech Privacy in Adaptable Workspaces

AIA Course #: HAW 591, LU
IDCEC Course #: CC-106845, HSW
Subject Code: 5. Technical Knowledge / 1. Acoustics

Course Description: 

Speech privacy is among the greatest concern for people working in open office environments. However, organizations continue to strive to create workspaces that enable both collaborative work and focus work. This course will review the principles of acoustics as a science, how to use key design tools for office interiors, and will describe the key factors which define the user experience of speech privacy.

Course Objectives:
• Learners will be able to identify the primary factors which govern speech privacy between closed rooms.
• Learners will be able to name the three design tools which can be used to ensure speech privacy.
• Learners will be able to describe Confidential Speech Privacy in subjective terms and objective terms.
• Learners will be able to identify the performance properties of the key construction elements required to ensure confidential privacy in private offices.

Course Outline:

1. Introduction
2. Acoustics 101 – The Basics
3. Speech Privacy – What Is It?
4. Case Studies
5. Design Tips
6. Questions & Discussion/p>