Game On: The Impact of Culture on Collaboration Space Design

AIA Course #: HAW617
IDCEC Course #: CEU-110710
Subject Code: 2. Interior Design/9. Programming & Planning
Provider Number - J486

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Course at a Glance

• Course Delivery Type Live, 1-hour
• This course is
1.0 HSW credit
• Course Expiration – 2/28/2022

About This Course

Bring your A-game to this fun, interactive course. Discover how to pinpoint an organization’s culture, and how to use this knowledge to inform workspace design. Organizational Culture is the personality of a company that contributes to a company’s sense of order, continuity, and community. Using the regarded Competing Values Framework, we will play an engaging game to learn organizational culture types. We’ll then explore how to leverage culture when designing collaborative work environments.

Learning Objectives
• Define Organizational Culture
• Understand what types of organizational cultures exist and how they differ
• Demonstrate how organizational culture can inform the design of the workplace
• Communicate how culture influences collaboration tendencies
• Understand how the physical attributes of the space support organizational culture and collaboration preferences

Course Outline
1. Introduction/Defining Culture
2. Play the Organizational Culture Card Game
3. Learn the Competing Values Framework
4. See the implications of culture on workplace design
5. Discover how culture influences collaboration preferences
6. Dive into the physical attributes of collaboration spaces and discuss how culture influences
7. Preferences
8. Summary and discussion