Focus in the Workplace

AIA Course #: HAW 589
IDCEC Course #: CC-106481
Subject Code: 3. Interior Design Education / 1. Instruction

Course Description: 

Employers need open and interactive space to encourage collaboration, and such spaces can introduce distractions. Distractions, however, sabotage focus, and focus work is a necessary part of collaborative efforts. How can we solve this conflict? Approach workplace design so that it encourages both collaboration and focus work within a variety of options for optimal worker performance.

Course Objectives:

Understand the meaning of Focus

Identify the challenges of staying focused

Explain why focus in the workplace is difficult and what can be done to support it

Identify design solutions in the workplace that help to encourage focus

Content Outline:

1. Explain what focus is and isn’t
2. Focus exercise and debrief 
3. The Challenge: Distractions and Performance
4. Design solutions that encourage focus
5. Questions and answers