Designed by JANUS et Cie

Collaborative flexibility. 

An outdoor view featuring JANUScafe table and Forest stool

Beauty on the Surface and Below

JANUScafé tables are evidence that settings can be both beautiful and practical, as well as relaxing and industrious. Whether they’re holding a laptop or a latté, JANUScafé tables celebrate the diversity of form and material, elevating the varied experiences of all who gather around them.  



Precise engineering and product details, along with choice materials, make JANUScafé tables reliable, sturdy, and highly functional in a range of high-traffic social spaces. The JANUScafé line includes a variety of base styles, column heights, top shapes, and sizes for designers to mix and match according to the needs of the space and seating. For even more versatility, many JANUScafé tables can be specified to accommodate JANUS Titan umbrellas.

A man sitting with his coffee on white Forest chair and JANUS cafe table
A view featuring JANUScafe table by JANUS et Cie



In cafés, dining areas, lounges, casual meeting spots, and touch-down areas, JANUScafé tables support people and their unique activities. Designed to pair well with many seating options, JANUScafé tables are available in three heights, allowing both variation and continuity across spaces. And in keeping with the JANUS et Cie brand, styles and materials are designed for indoors but engineered for outdoor use—including sophisticated aluminum and natural teak tops. 

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