Designed by Arne Dassen

The Atwell collection of guest chairs, lounge seating, and tables puts people at ease, no matter where they wait.

Atwell Lounge Chair
Atwell Sofa
Atwell Visitor Chair
Atwell Side Table
Atwell Side Table Rectangle
Atwell Sofa coffee table and Lounge-Bong-haworth
Atwell Lounge chair-seating-side table haworth-3


The lightscale, contemporary design of the Atwell collection helps create attractive interiors and nurturing settings. Modularity and ease of reconfiguration provide a wide range of application choices and flexibility in space planning to enrich the user experience. Supported by a space that suits your needs, your mind surrenders to its imagination

Atwell Sofa coffee table and Lounge-haworth-Furniture


The trapezoidal seat back shape and tandem configurations of Atwell seating create physical boundaries and a sense of personal space. Control the degree of exposure to cultivate a calm, serene setting that offers individual or group privacy.  Soothed by comfortable furnishings and warm materials, you’re free to reflect.

Atwell Lounge chair-seating-side table haworth-2
Atwell Lounge chair-seating-haworth
Atwell Lounge chair-seating-side table haworth furniture


Coordinating occasional tables provide small worksurfaces for people as they wait, whether working alone or gathering in groups. Access to power for charging mobile devices helps keep them connected to their work, friends, and family.  Surrounded by your network—either face-to-face or virtually—you maintain connection.

Specs & downloads


Product Style Width Depth Overall Height
Lounge Chair 22.1" 28.5" 26.8"
Sofa 79.3" 28.5" 26.8"
Visitor Chair 25.3" 29.9" 26.4"
Side Table | Square 21.1" 21.1" 17.4"
Side Table | Rectangle 48.1" 21.1" 17.4"