Designed by BuzziSpace Studio

Performs equally well in lighting and acoustics. 

BuzziMoon Small Pendant
BuzziMoon Medium Pendant
BuzziMoon Large Pendant

Sphere of Performance

A beautiful design conceals the technical features that make BuzziMoon unique. Diffused downlight in an acoustical solution offers the best of both worlds for general lighting in noisy surroundings. A variety of fabrics and three-dimensional patterns add to the sphere’s visual impact. An opaque diffuser gives BuzziMoon its namesake “full moon” appeal.

Sounds Right

The LED disc in BuzziMoon is engineered into the upholstered acoustic sphere, consisting of honeycomb cardboard, MDF, and acoustic foam filling for optimal sound absorption and diffusion. It is one of the first BuzziSpace solutions that performs equally well in lighting and acoustics.

BuzziMoon lighting and acoustics

Specs & downloads


Product Style Width Depth Overall Height
Small Pendant 31.5" 31.5" 2.36"
Medium Pendant 39.37" 39.37" 2.36"
Large Pendant 47.24" 47.24" 2.36"

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