Designed by Haworth

Jump height-adjustable tables foster well-being in the workplace by empowering people to choose the most comfortable posture for the task at hand. With such a broad array of choices, it’s easy to enable collaborative interaction or heads-down focused work—and support the variety of postures required by people’s diverse workstyle needs.


Smooth operation
With the touch of a button, two powerful UL-approved motors raise the Jump table top at a brisk 1.5 inches per second. Dual columns are controlled by solid-state motors to ensure a gentle start and stop. The two base columns stay perfectly synched as they travel up and down. Jump supports up to 350 pounds, including the worksurface, and meets BIFMA standards. Height adjusts from 23.7 to 50.7 inches including top (dual stage).

Long, productive life
Jump’s premium anodized-aluminum frame will never corrode, flake, or peel. To support the top, the frame’s steel brackets attach with torque screws, providing strength and durability. Worksurfaces are available 34-82 inches long. On longer tables, a hidden crossbar is added for structural strength. Bases are Black or Silver anodized aluminum.


Colors, Materials, Finishes

Jump worksurfaces are available in standard Haworth finishes, including laminates and veneers.