Why Haworth?

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At Haworth, research and design drive our deep understanding of workplace needs.

It's that understanding that helps us solve a variety of workplace challenges. However, it's deeper than solving problems; it's about building relationships. Our Haworth team, along with our network of flooring contractors, will provide value throughout your entire project - from conception and design, to installation and beyond. Please mouse over the red icons to the right to learn how we will support you through each phase of your project.

Haworth is more than just raised access floors; we provide a range of beautiful, holistic product offerings that meet the needs of any space. By leveraging our broad range of products, services, and knowledge, Haworth’s mission is to provide each of our customers a complete, tailored interior that enhances their business, stirs their spirit, and sustains the planet. With $1.8 billion in sales in 2014, you can count on Haworth’s financial strength and commitment well into the future.

To learn more about Haworth's history and unique value proposition, please download our Haworth Corporate Brochure

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