Belong™ Plus Privacy Screens

Designed by Haworth Design Studio

Transform open-plan workspaces to support both individual and group work. Belong Plus screens offer a degree of privacy and space delineation with a warm aesthetic, while tackability keeps materials visibly accessible for focused work and collaboration.

Open Plan office with Belong Plus Privacy Screens
Man at Belong Plus Privacy Screen enclose work station

Support for Focus and Collaboration

Belong Plus screens reduce visual distractions for people in freestanding, benching, and spine-based workstations to provide an element of privacy for individual work. Their minimal scale and open feel invite the communication necessary to support group efforts, team bonding, and engagement—all leading to increased innovation and success.

Employees collaborating in open plan office space

Personalized Spaces

Belong Plus screens offer people personalization and control over their individual workspaces. The screens create visual barriers to help define personal space and allow reference materials, information, and work tools to be physically posted, making them easily accessible for organization, learning, and sharing.

Belong Plus Privacy Screen tackable surface
Belong Plus privacy screens
Workstation with Belong Plus Privacy Screen

Warm Simplicity

Belong Plus screens are fabric wrapped, keeping the frame hidden from view to offer offer clean lines and warm aesthetic. Available in a wide range of fabrics and colors, they coordinate with any environment—blending in for a subtle, downplayed look or adding interest with a pop of color.

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