Tellure (RAILROAD)

Grade A
A part of the Standard Collection

Abrasion Fire Retardancy Colorfastness to Light Physical Properties Colorfastness to Wet and Dry Crocking

Aegean (RR) RR-234

Black (RR) RR-227

Buff (RR) RR-337

Burgundy (RR) RR-229

Cayenne (RR) RR-345

Chocolate (RR) RR-243

Dove (RR) RR-341

Dynamo (RR) RR-233

Galaxy (RR) RR-231

Geranium (RR) RR-245

Goose (RR) RR-346

Grass (RR) RR-239

Imperial (RR) RR-230

Ivory (RR) RR-238

Jodhpurs (RR) RR-232

Miami (RR) RR-236

Navy (RR) RR-228

Nickel (RR) RR-247

Ocean (RR) RR-237

Parrot (RR) RR-338

Peel (RR) RR-342

Pumpkin (RR) RR-339

Roan (RR) RR-336

Rust (RR) RR-343

Sky (RR) RR-235

Slate (RR) RR-241

Spring (RR) RR-240

Sprout (RR) RR-340

Steel (RR) RR-242

Sunflower (RR) RR-244

Sunset (RR) RR-344

Tomato (RR) RR-246

The images shown and color representations are subject to your monitor quality and screen resolution settings. Physical samples are recommended, and available through your local Haworth dealer.

Available Colors

Technical Information

  • Composition


  • Content

    100% POLYESTER

  • Width

    54 IN

  • Pattern Repeat H


  • Pattern Repeat V


  • Directional


  • Image Shown


  • Abrasion


  • Weight (Per Linear Yard)

    13.9 OZ

  • Backing


  • Flammability


Available on these products

  • Systems/Storage

    • Compose ®
  • Accessories

    • Belong™
  • Storage

    • Be_Hold®
    • X Series®
  • Desks

    • Masters Series®
  • Tables

    • Executive Conference Tables
  • Desks/Systems

    • Intuity™
  • Systems

    • Belong™ Plus
    • Compose® Echo Accessory Screen
    • Compose® Echo Crn, Wrap & Bk Scrn
    • PREMISE®
    • UniGroup®

Product Components

  • Approved

    Belong Plus Screens

  • Approved

    Belong, Intuity - Screens

  • Approved

    Compose Tiles, and Premise Stack Pad

  • Approved

    Tackboards, Tackstrips

  • Approved

    Unigroup Too Inserts