Optimizing Your Workplace Portfolio 

Scalability. Flexibility. A real estate and facilities strategy reveals a lot about the needs of your workplace. Whether you are consolidating spaces or expanding locations, the key is to align people and space for optimal performance. Applied research can inform your plan for owned or leased spaces.

The Best Companies Grow and Change Shape

Designing once for the duration of a lease is not sustainable. As people’s needs change and evolve, so should the workplace. Haworth has a unique perspective and approach to space design. Learn more about Organic Workspace.


Creating a Space Master Plan Strategy

How do successful companies prepare for the ups and downs of their business? A master plan. See how a space master plan, based on analysis of current data and company goals, is essential for short- and long-term growth or downsizing.


Hey, Corporations…Build Parks!

Any size organization benefits from outdoor space. The positive impacts of access to nature on productivity, well-being, and sustainability are well documented. See why some of the world’s largest corporations are investing in building parks.


The Rebirth of the Headquarters

In this knowledge-based economy, the office won’t perish anytime soon. Instead, it will take the form of work that is deemed valuable. These trends highlight the transformation of the office and newfound vigor of the headquarters.

A graphic representation of facility management between home, office and third place

What is Facility Management?

Increasingly it’s a focus on Work from Anywhere, the ecosystem that gives organizations and employees choice in where and when work occurs. Because when given the choice, people are drawn to the places that make them feel the best and most productive.

See More on Work from Anywhere

Haworth outdoor furniture in American Water office

Location. Location. Location.

With its headquarters spread throughout 4 locations, keeping everything flowing for employees and facility management was difficult for this growing company. Learn how choosing the location helped revitalize a community as well as attract talent from a nearby city.

Haworth Ribbon stools in a cafeteria in Ash Brokerage office

Two Facilities Become One

A family-owned brokerage firm had experienced so much growth that two separate facilities were necessary. The CEO envisioned a new, holistic headquarters. See how separate locations came together in a workplace that aligns the needs of people and space.

Haworth Maari chairs, Hi Pad stools in brown in a cafeteria

Letting Go of Status Quo

The facility strategy for attorneys working in private offices—with sizes based on status—was repealed at this large law firm. With the motto “Fun, Pride, & Profit…in that order,” real estate was reallocated to allow more room for neighborhoods, nooks, and social spaces.

Haworth Cabana lounge with screens in grey and purple upholstery

Acquiring New Perspectives on Space

Lesson learned from a high-rise acquisition. A real estate investment firm can be its own Workplace Innovation Lab—both a showroom and true work environment that supports the continuing evolution of work. See how reimagined facility management is working well on opposite coasts.