Accounting for Workspace Operating Costs

Cognizant of the bottom line? Operating costs are a top business driver in today’s economy. Well-designed space supports your most valuable asset—people. Based on data and research, we can help you create environments that balance human-centered design and real estate efficiency to optimize the performance of people, facilities, and your organization.

Is the Well-Being of Your Employees at Risk?

Well-being affects ROI. With 80% of operating costs allocated for expenditures on people, consider well-being as contributing to your ROH (Return on Humans). Check out practical rules that reduce costs and minimize employee stress through Workspace Nudges™.


Business Goals Drive Successful Design

Successful projects start with the designer’s understanding of strategic imperatives, which establish the criteria for all decisions, including the operating costs for a business. Get an inside perspective from a Q+A with the lead designer of a massive, 3-year renovation.


How to Make Your Office More Than Just an Office

Money spent on office space design is not solely an expense. Thoughtful design backed by research pays off—both financially and for the people who work there. See 3 reasons why workspace investments are worthwhile for businesses of all sizes.

Haworth furniture at Oatey office

Cost Conscious without Compromise

How do you future-proof an expansion? One solution: moveable walls to ease reconfiguration, saving time and costs. Another driver: sustainability certification with LEED NC Gold. Learn more about how this global plumbing products manufacturer balanced the needs of people and real estate in a 47,000-square-foot building.

Haworth Very chair in white in a casual space

Flying High to Keep Operating Costs Low

As a public university, the third largest aviation program in the nation had a fiduciary duty to spend funds wisely when designing a new facility. With an eye toward the future, space planners designed for expansion and growth. Learn more about this new, elevated experience grounded by timeless design, longevity, and flexibility.


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