Customer Experience at Work

The built environment is a tangible expression of customer experience. It may be time to evaluate the impression, feelings, and behavioral responses your spaces evoke from your customer’s point of view. Strengthen your relationship with customers and empower your employees to deliver on the experience by making the most of your space.

4 Considerations to Create Hospitality in Your Workplace

As you step into your workplace, pause to take a look around. What are people doing? Working? Socializing? Sharing knowledge? See how hospitality at work is evolving to a broad, purposeful approach to creating spaces that support experiences for any guest (including employees).


Bringing Hospitality to the Workplace

Work is evolving dramatically in the digital age. Hotels and coworking spaces are raising the bar for amenities. Everyone wants access to quiet spaces and social spaces. Check out this quick-read Q&A with an internationally celebrated architect to see what’s on trend.


Bringing Marriott Hospitality to Work

Marriott is known as a hospitality leader for overnight guests. To match the customer experience of its hotel lobbies, they energized the workplace for their employees. Get an inside look during a tour of Marriott’s renovated headquarters.


Immerse Yourself in Design at the Haworth Hotel

Visitors to Haworth’s global headquarters come in search of inspiration and workplace solutions. See how the Haworth Hotel—with its modern, European feel—offers customers the experience one would expect from a luxury hospitality environment.

Haworth Archibald chair in brown leather in a office space

Hospitality Integrates Work and Life

Renowned architect and designer Patricia Urquiola walks through the extension of work/life integration in the context of the Haworth Hotel. Take away inspiration for hospitality during this recorded webinar that explores spaces from the lobby, to the coffee shop, to social spaces, and beyond.

Haworth Resonate lounge inside a Pergola workspace view 2

Social Spaces for Customer Experiences

Gather. Connect. Pause. Refresh. There are many reasons customers are drawn to social spaces designed to be flexible, communal, and inspiring. Impress customers and solidify relationships through indoor and outdoor experiences. Download our design guide, explore space designs, and more.

Haworth X99 seminar chairs in grey in a classroom

Experience Equates to Brand

Translating brand into the architecture and interiors of higher education institutions guides design decisions. The goal is to create spaces that captivate the senses, communicate culture, and elicit engagement. Learn how compelling branded environments enrich the experience for students, faculty, alumni, and the community.


Haworth Cabana lounge, Openest Chick Pouf in greem, blue and orange upholstery

Fostering Superior Customer Service

Re-design of an iconic 15-story office building was an opportunity to create experiences that support both external customers and employees. A people-centric approach informed design decisions. See how this public services company’s culture is externalized in customer experiences.

Haworth Maari chairs, Newood chairs in a casual space

An Exclusive Experience for Guests

How do you create a hospitality space that bridges the community, a college, and clients? Blend international design and local charm into a luxury hotel and conference center. Learn how customer experience is translated into a variety of places to meet, read, chat, or wait.

Haworth health furniture in Lighthouse surgery centre

Creating a Comfortable Experience for All

Surgery can be stressful for patients and their families, which is why thoughtfully designed spaces are critical to fostering a warm welcome and calming experience. See how this state-of-the-art outpatient center creates a healing environment that promotes health and well-being.

Haworth Openest chick poufs in multiple colors, lamp in a casual space

Welcome to a Unique Place to Work

When you’re in the business of developing project ideas and utilization concepts for other companies, you need a space to mirror the experience. See how themed meeting rooms, a variety of social spaces and workspaces blend seamlessly into a modern building in a historic setting.


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