Spaces That Entice Top Talent

Looking to attract and retain talented employees? A thoughtfully designed workplace is a key asset to draw people in, support the ways they work, and enhance their experiences in social spaces. Based on data and insights, environments can differentiate your organization for jobseekers and support the needs of team members.

4 Reasons Companies Should Incorporate Social Spaces

The phenomenon of social spaces is growing fast. Consider the benefits for your employees (and potential recruits) who value anytime-anywhere workspaces that drive engagement. Learn 4 reasons why these spaces are so important, and key tips to get you started.


6 Ways to Cut the Ties to Structured Work

Flexibility is a table stake in the race for recruitment. See how these 6 business trends are cutting the ties that bind, making work more flexible and enjoyable. From schedules to locations, furniture to spaces, the options are proliferating.


LinkedIn’s Workplace Evolution

LinkedIn is a leader in creating spaces that attract and retain talented employees to perform their best. Learn how LinkedIn’s workplace strategist meets the needs of employees today and expectations for the future.


Why It Pays to Invest in Home Office Spaces for Employees

As jobseekers and current employees navigate hybrid work options, it’s clear that work from home is here to stay. See why having a workspace like what is available at the office is important for work routines at home.


Why Your Workplace Needs a Vibe Manager

Does your company have someone responsible for creating a sense of community and activities that bring people together? See how the unofficial role of “vibe manager” inspires people who step into your spaces to have this reaction: “I love the vibe here—it’s a place where I want to work!”

Haworth outdoor furniture in American Water office

Fresh Approach to Attract Talent

With headquarters spread throughout 4 locations, keeping everything flowing to attract and retain talented employees was difficult for this growing company. Learn how access to public transportation, social spaces, and open-air gathering spots primed this utility company to recruit top talent.


Haworth Openest Chick Pouf and Cabana lounge in The Atom office

Candidates for Coworking in Cambodia

Because shared expectations for “going to work” have evolved, new concepts are necessary to combine work and hospitality. See how this international icon built a modern solution to attract and retain entrepreneurs, small businesses, and big companies looking for flexible working solutions.

Haworth Fern and Poppy chair with swivel base in a meeting room

Human Resources Creates New Experience

Determining how to retain employees is a common goal for Human Resources, along with attracting workers. HR teams use their own touchpoints to make positive impressions and reflect the culture. Learn how we created spaces at our global headquarters for prospective employees, recruiters, and an experiential way of working for our HR team.

Haworth Hi Pad stool and Pip Table in a cafeteria space

Applications for Talented Employees

Known by clients for its “get it done” spirit, this enterprise IT development company thrives on innovation and creativity. What began with the founding partners’ vision to foster teamwork has evolved into a culture that is driven to attract, retain, and engage talented employees.

Haworth Zody chair and Intuity table in a office space

Building a Community

When employees feel unmotivated and unfulfilled, creativity and morale suffer. Learn how new spaces at this company’s headquarters were designed to foster a sense of community and collaboration that retains good employees and attracts top talent.


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