Designed by Wolfgang C. R. Mezger

The smaller models of the torino range area ideal for cafes, breakout areas or just as meeting points in an open office setting. The range offers seated, standing and height adjustable options.

torino - square, glides
torino - square, castors
torino - round, high table
torino - nested table
The smaller, central leg torino table in a restaurant

torino is a pleasing solution not only in business settings, but also in the canteen, with its increased demands. In this environment, the column table comes into use: An extremely easy-going feel but with the expected stability. A classic cross-shaped foot ensures optimal leg room and the table top is available in a variety of designs.

The torino standing table is also available in many variations. With a square or round table top and crosshaped foot for a secure stand, castors for mobility and as a height-adjustable nesting table. In any case, the series proves compelling through its clear formal language and modern design.

The tall, central leg torino meeting table