Designed by Haworth Design Studio

T_up does not seek to be revolutionary but rather it is evolutionary and self explanatory. It has been skillfully conceived as a platform with few parts, making it extremely cost effective, easy to install and above all adaptable over time.

T_up desks in a worksetting
Height adjustable T_up desks


T_up is a comprehensive and cost-effective desk system from the Haworth Design Studio. Its intelligent platform design provides for easy assembly into numerous configurations and its storage options transform a simple desk into an efficient and integrated workspace. 


The central beam design allows for different legs, so T_up can scale from a single desk to a workstation bench or even meeting tables.

L-shaped T_up table
T_up cable tray and leg detail


A height-adjustable leg option allows individual workstation customisation, while the storage elements can be integrated into the desk with no additional parts or pieces, thus reducing cost without compromising stability.