Designed by Sas Adriaenssens

A freestanding acoustic panel and pinboard, in the shape of a cactus.

An orange BuzziCactus acoustic board

A touch of the wild west

BuzziCactus is a charming, freestanding room divider combining no less than three factors: sound absorption, design, and a surface you can stick pins into. Furnish your workspace with BuzziCactus, adding a touch of the wild west for a nature-inspired environment, and you will feel like you are anywhere but in the office. Put your BuzziCactus in direct sunlight—it deserves to be seen!

Inspired by nature

Along with its fun character, BuzziCactus is a freestanding screen that easily improves any open or sparse office as it helps reduce noise—no matter what shape you choose. Bring-ing greenery and nature indoors is not limited to potted plants. The cactus-shaped panels in a range of textiles also help screen out unwanted views. 

BuzziCactus as a design element

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