Harbor Work Lounge

Designed by Nicolai Czumaj-Bront

Part task seating, part lounge chair, Harbor Work Lounge offers the support people need to be productive, while making a stylish statement wherever work gets done.



Choose from a fully or partially upholstered chair shell on a cast aluminium base. Harbor Work Lounge combines form with function, style with convenience. It’s a platform that supports your work, no matter what space you’re in.



Technology has blended all factions of life—work, play, family, travel. People are no longer tethered to a desk, or even an office. Harbor Work Lounge fits in wherever work gets done. Bring what you need for the day, have a seat, and accomplish all you have to do.



Dual work surfaces provide easy access to work tools for left or right-handed use. The integrated sliding tablet is an active workspace for a laptop or notepad, while the suede upholstered seat wing with cup holder provides space for electronics, personal items, and a beverage. A matching ottoman doubles as a pull-up stool for quick collaboration or an auxiliary surface for personal items.