Designed by BuzziSpace Studio

Felt storage box and carry bag.

BuzziBox Travel
Felt boxes and trays

Simple Storage That Feels Good

Made of 100 percent recycled BuzziFelt, and available in a wide array of hues, BuzziBox is a warm and welcoming addition to the office. Its minimalistic design, with rounded, cutout handles, is a comfortable carryall in multiple sizes to corral work piles and personal collections. With its soft edges, it is highly flexible and fits almost anywhere. From on shelves, to inside cabinets and desks, BuzziBox helps you stay organized and keep track of your belongings.

Going Places in Style

Soft, 100 percent recycled BuzzFelt gives this sturdy tote bag a welcoming feel with generous proportion. Comfortable straps make it easy to sling BuzziBox Travel over your shoulder as you move between office, home, and travel. A removable name tag ensures mobile workers retain ownership of their belongings and stay organised. In a wide variety of hues, BuzziBox Travel says bon voyage and safe travels!

BuzziBox Travel bag