Comforto 59

Designed by Simon Desanta & Haworth Design Studio

Developed by Simon Desanta, in cooperation with Haworth Design Studio, the Comforto 59 visitor chair compliments the sleek, clear design of the Comforto 59 task chair.

Green Comforto 59 visitor chair


Comforto 59 has been developed following the "Design for Environment" principles. Accordingly, the chair may be disassembled into its individual material components, guaranteeing it is up to 95% recyclable.

Easy to Style

Comforto 59 guest chairs area available in 4-leg and sled based models, with or without armrests. With Haworth's wide range of colours and materials, and the option to put different finishes on the seat base and the backrest, Comforto 59 is easy to style to your liking.

Four leg and sled base models