Designed by Simon Desanta & Haworth Design Studio

Dynaflex is an office chair that responds to user behaviour in an increasingly dynamic workplace – one that has encouraged a rise in non-traditional seating positions and at times, unhealthy postures.

Haworth worked with Simon Desanta on the Dynaflex design, and examined and tested the chair in association with the Folkwang University.

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Dynaflex Effect

Dynaflex is the product of a team of international designers, engineers, and ergonomic experts who combined their knowledge of technological, physical, and biological principles to develop the “Dynaflex Effect”

This is a unique synchronised motion of the backrest, seat and armrests that offers continuous support through a patented weight-dependent system, always bringing the user back to the original sitting position.

Ergonomic features

As well as the benefits of the Flex back, Dynaflex office chair comes with Haworth's gold standard of ergonomic adjustments:

Seat height adjustment
Seat depth adjustment
Seat inclination adjustment
4D armrests
Backrest lock
Asymmetric lumbar support - height and depth adjustable
Height adjustable lumbar support


Physical wellbeing

Many people now sit for more hours a day than they sleep. As such, healthy sitting behaviour has never been more important to our physical wellbeing.

With Dynaflex, individuals now have the ultimate support for their favourite working positions. Welcome to a new world of (seated) freedom; one where you can sit, flex, move, and work as you like.