Designed by Archirivolto

The crona chair is available with five different bases, giving it a wide range of functions. The model with built in armrests is ideally suited for conference rooms or lounge areas.

crona - conference 4 star
crona - conference 4 star, castors
crona - conference 4 leg
crona - conference sled base
crona - conference 4 leg, wood
Wire based crona chairs around a conference table
Dual colour crona chair on wooden base

The crona conference chair is a cosy, comfortable chair featuring various frame versions made of wood or metal. The variety of shapes, colours and functions makes crona the chair for those who want it all.

A dividing seam between the upper back section and the lower seat area gives the full upholstery a unique look. The easy chair with bi-colour upholstery or in a combination of fabric and leather is a particularly refined look.

Vibrant dual colour white and turquoise crona on 4 leg base

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