Designed by Roland Schmidt Design & Brunner Design Team

Beam seating and row seating in a consistent style.

fox - beam
fox - row
Four legged fox chairs, with row connections and a single armrest

Four legged row seating

It can adapt to any role, change to suit the situation, and always cuts a dash, either alone or in an ensemble. This timelessly modern series for large venues offers countless variations: with a wide range of different seat shells and different frames, this chair offers all creative options, depending on the room or the event. An open, versatile 4-legged chair, with a sturdy row linking system and with surfaces that withstand all the strains and stresses of large venue events.

Beam seating

Available as a two, three or four seater with optional tablets and armrests – it’s your choice. Suitable attachments ensure the ranges stability, no matter what the floor surface, and a spacer keeps it away from the walls.

fox beam seating, with an integrated table

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