Vados is an incredibly flexible cabinet storage system from the Haworth Design Studio. It meets the needs of today’s business environment, where adaptability is a key factor.

Vados overview

Room for Creativity.
The enormous variety of sideboards and sliding-door, double door and tambour-door cabinets opens up completely new opportunities for designing indoor spaces and organising storage space economically.

Room for Collaboration.
Team-oriented work areas are needed wherever the focus is on intense collaboration and active communication. Vados provides personal storage in close proximity to workstations and at the same time gives structure to work areas.

Room for Organization.
For the perfect solution to keep your files in order, Vados offers a wide choice of organisational elements. Augment your storage with high-quality suspension files and drawers, pigeonholes and private trays, bookends, boxes and pull out shelves.

    • Certificate - GS safety
    • Certificate - FEMB: Sustainability