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Elevating Resilience, Hope, and Growth in Adversity with Rachel Druckenmiller

To face adversity in life is to be human. But we are so much more resilient than we often give ourselves credit for. Join us to hear from Rachel Druckenmiller—a keynote speaker and facilitator—as she helps us discover how to make meaning from adversity, find growth in the midst of our struggles, and connect with hope, strength, and community to carry us through tough times. Learn how to advocate for yourself—and what you need—and how to respond to stress and uncertainty with confidence and mindfulness. 

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The Best Stressbusters for 2021 and Beyond with Jordan Friedman

We are currently living through a time where many of us could benefit from tools that help us alleviate stress and anxiety. The COVID-19 pandemic is still impacting how we live and work today—but there are proven ways to reduce stress that will help you find success this year.

In this presentation, Jordan Friedman, a pioneer of stress and anxiety reduction education—and former director of Columbia University’s Health Education Program—will provide key ingredients for your 2021 stress management plan.

Jordan specializes in teaching concrete, data-driven, and effective strategies no matter the sources of one's stress—including his popular Quick Calm technique, which you will learn during this session.