Classic Trendsetter

Eclectic products that engage emotions

Animated by an indomitable spirit and the curiosity of someone who wants to renew himself continuously, Giulio Cappellini dedicates himself to design.

In his own words, “There is always something new and exciting to discover, and new people and things to know.” By offering his personal revision of contemporary design—both for the brand that bears his name, and as art director for other important brands in the field—Giulio is a classic trendsetter.  

The Man
Through his most ambitious project, his company, Giulio became a global leader in design and a universally recognized talent scout for young professionals.

The person behind the work is just as organized and sophisticated as his designs. Giulio dresses in a classic way—and he likes his accessories. You’ll never see him without a pochette in his jacket pocket. He drinks black tea with milk for breakfast—and has an espresso to finish. He loves to travel. And, for him, dinner is the most important meal because it is the most relaxing.

The Work
Cappellini products always possess something of life and light—often humorous while offering dynamic solutions. Giulio brings his passion for art and design to his work by way of featuring eclectic products that engage emotions

“To draw is very important, especially when you start to do prototypes,” says Giulio. When he works, Giulio sits in an office chair at a white desk surrounded by books and travel souvenirs—and he likes to write by hand.

“Technology applies a lot today, but we shouldn’t lose the idea of using our hands and touching the products.”
Giulio Cappellini
Art Director and Designer


Furniture and Fashion
In a work from anywhere environment, we can complete our tasks at home, the park, or even a restaurant. According to Giulio, “creating atmosphere with less import” is the goal in this new design era.  

Cappellini collections are known for tapping new trends and far-flung talents, placing minimalism alongside pop fashion, technology, and amoebic forms. The Lud’o lounge chair by Patricia Urquiola transcends the boundaries of furniture into the world of fashion.

Central to its design is the padded duvet that covers the armchair like a jacket—easily replaced to suit personal tastes and seasonality. A model for upcycling, the entire chair may be recycled and is made from recyclable materials—giving renewed value to materials.

Learn more about Lud’o for the Haworth Collection available early 2021.

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