Clean and simple, yet detailed, the Calgary showroom celebrates the cityscape and foothills region through graphical representation of the Calgary Tower and a tangram Canadian Rockies motif on feature walls.The showroom is a compact space with multi-functional needs. Designed to demonstrate Haworth’s research and workplace knowledge, the space includes solutions that fulfill the needs of showroom staff, who occupy the workspace. This resource library provides ample storage for finish materials and printed assets.

Calgary Showroom, Haworth Europe
The prime corner location gives Haworth high visibility to the public in a dense downtown community. Strategically placed, this group workspace encourages creativity by drawing in the energy from the surrounding retail districts, galleries, restaurants, and cultural attractions. In a digital world, people crave places that nourish the human spirit. Spaces that balance the yin and yang of our everyday lives—like energy and serenity—foster a sense of wholeness for people at work, inspiring and empowering them to perform their best.