Haworth's Research and Innovation Team


Dr. Mike O’Neill

Dr. Mike O’Neill holds a B.A. in psychology, an M. Arch, and Ph.D. in Architecture. With 20+ years in the industry, Dr. Mike is based in the US as Haworth’s Senior Research Strategist, leading the research group.


Dr. Gabor Nagy

Dr. Gabor Nagy holds a Ph.D. in Engineering with an emphasis on workplace performance. He is Haworth’s Ideation Manager in San Francisco and is responsible for applied research on corporate culture, workstyle, and workplace performance to provide consulting services to clients for development of high performing work environments. He also develops educational vehicles on individual/group performance, organizational effectiveness, and strategic rationale for new consulting services.


Teresa Bellingar

Teresa Bellingar, PhD, CPE is the Senior Corporate Ergonomist for Haworth, Inc. where she is responsible for consulting on current product developments and evaluations to ensure ergonomics & ADA are taken into consideration during the design process, representing Haworth on ergonomics standards/guidelines committees, and completing/managing research related to ergonomics.   Prior to working for Haworth, Dr. Bellingar taught at Illinois State University as a tenured Assistant Professor in the area of Occupational Safety. 


Jeff Reuschel

As a graduate of Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo with a BS in Industrial Design, Jeff Reuschel has enjoyed over 30 years in the contract office furniture in a variety of roles.  In his current position as Global Director of Design & Innovation, he is responsible for researching individual and group performance in work settings, for the transformation of this information into designed objects and for the identification of new complimentary markets around the world.


Mike Bahr

Mike Bahr is an architect who has specialized in leading client engagement and design management for more than 28 years. In his role at Haworth, he directs research initiatives that inform the changing nature of work, helping clients understand the value of space on organizational success.


Marta Wassenaar

Marta Wassenaar is the Advance Research and Insights Manager for Haworth’s Global Design and Innovation team.  With 20+ years experience in research and development, she leads market/customer research programs to support the advanced development of Haworth’s products and solutions. 


Rachel Cash

Rachel Cash joined Haworth, Inc. in 2015 in the role of Associate Sustainability Specialist. Responsibilities include facilitation of sales questions and requests for information related to LEED and product sustainability, meeting with clients to discuss Haworth’s sustainability program, maintenance of internal sustainability communications, assistance with corporate environmental compliance, and coordination of sustainability metrics between departments. Rachel also manages the implementation of The WELL Building Standard in Haworth Showrooms across the country.


Beck Johnson

Beck Johnson holds a B.S. and an M.A. in Communication. After 14 years of academic research experience, she now conducts primary and secondary research addressing workplace issues as a Research Specialist at Haworth.


Travis Whitaker

Travis Whitaker, MS, is the Market Research Analyst for the Global Design and Innovation team at Haworth Inc. His background is in social psychological research, studying human interaction effects on behavioral, emotional, and performance outcomes. Travis integrates his previous work with psychology and statistics into addressing empirical and market questions that face Haworth and the furniture design industry.