Seco Tools R&D and Corporate Offices

Pune, India

Seco Tools, a Swedish multi-national company, focused firmly on cooperation across borders to be able to deliver greater value to its customers opened up their new R&D and corporate offices in Pune. The needs for their business to make an inspiring space for both employees and customers led to exploring new work environments.


Working together

Innovation and working together were one of the primary drivers for Seco when they abandoned enclosed, private offices to more flexible work zones. Now people can move and work at their desks, in armchairs or soft seating areas or one of the many meeting rooms and collaborative zones. 

Creating inspired scenic environments

With a vision to offer an innovative space for employees and customers alike, they completely embraced a space filled with natural daylight with the ability to fit in full-size trees in the interior. The natural elements provided indoors completely complemented the scenic views in the Koreagon area.

Seco Tools-Haworth Furniture-4

To achieve their vision for a more open space with a vibrant working culture, Haworth worked with Seco from conceptual designing stages of the floorplate to its completion. Learning along the way with visits to other existing clients who have embraced this dynamic working style.