Red Hat

Shenzhen, China

An Open Source software company with a large team of engineers, Red Hat’s new 6000 square foot Shenzhen office was the first time it adopted a more playful, open, and collaborative approach to its workplace design.

Haworth’s solution was a significant catalyst for the company’s “Work Your Way” Workplace Design Guidelines – a physical identity inspired by today’s ever-changing work habits and personal work preferences that makes smarter use of overall space. We worked with Red Hat to create a productive place that allowed employees to work more creatively and efficiently and yet still reflect the company’s unique culture.

Redhat China
Redhat China

The guidelines called for a variety of open and enclosed spaces to cater for different ways of working and balance focussed and collaborative activities. We started with Intuity benches – ideal for offices with a smaller footprint, it delivers smarter ways to optimise space and add extra configurations when required.

We also specified our HAT Element desks to offer intuitive, adjustable standing and sitting height positions – the perfect antidote to ill-effects of stationary work. M-series storage solutions ensured space for all tools and resources, while Luxxbox shined a spotlight on focused work. We added Planes Meeting Tables to make collaboration beautifully simple and highly flexible.

The company’s innovative workplace design guidelines meant Haworth was able to make every detail count while ensuring every one of its offices, all over the world, not only looks and feels like Red Hat but supports its culture.

Redhat China