Red Hat

Red Hat, a globally renowned software development company believes in the collaboration between different partners to provide better solutions for the future. That is why with their new space in Pune, India, Red Hat has maintained that same environment that promotes increased productivity with their members while working with Haworth as a solutions partner to provide the needs that will take them into the next years of continuous development.

red hat
Haworth Porter

Haworth was able to improve on user benefits in ergonomics by providing Fern as the leader in seating comfort and movement. Since Fern goes beyond function, its aesthetic design also elevates the workstation environment providing an appealing visual eye candy in the workplacel.

With a tight project timeline of 3 months, the Haworth team quickly worked with Red Hat and with the designer, MMoser, together with the Collier's team to finish the project on time. Other solutions that Haworth provided includes Bamboo and Intuity workstation solutions with storage and collaborative pieces also added.

Haworth Porter