Adidas' India headquarters features a workplace dedicated to reinforcing the company's mission of team work. Harnessing the power of sport means inspiring and enabling people every day. The workplace reflects Adidas' strategic choices and builds upon the core aspirations and behavioural values of the company.

Porter by Haworth
Haworth Porter

One of these necessary decisions was to fit existing furniture from nine floors down to five levels of space including meeting rooms and cabins while continuing to improve the freshness of space's look and feel.

To embark on this challenging opportunity, Haworth re-arranged the workstations to fit more into the new space while retaining key kit of parts from the previous workstation and upgrading the screen from glass to tackable. Refreshing the old storage pedestal seating cushions was done to make it usable once again. Meeting rooms and cabins retained the previous system fulfilled directly by just rearranging them.  Our Chennai plant re-upholstered the existing Sage and EZ65 Task chairs to refresh the whole seating range

Haworth Porter
Haworth Porter

With the completion of the project, it became apparent that through Haworth's strength of project management by dismantling, reusing and reinstalling existing furniture, Adidas was able to focus on providing the optimal workplace solutions for their members.

Haworth also provided move management and furniture auditing to make sure all parts and components are complete from end to end. Also, by refreshing Adidas' existing seating through the life extension services, the company was able to accomplish their strategic objectives with Haworth as a key solutions partner in the process.

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