Openest Sprig

Designed by Patricia Urquiola

People at work have become more mobile - moving freely throughout the day, no longer tethered to a designated space. And, the ratio of individual to group workspaces has shifted to support collaboration. Openest is an ensemble of lounge furniture that responds to this ever-evolving nature of work by facilitating the new landscape of today's work environments.


New perspective.

Brought to life by Patricia Urquiola and Haworth, Openest lounge furnishings bridge the unexpected and familiar—bringing a distinctly new perspective to the work landscape.

Haworth Sprig Table

Intuitive support.

By providing essential worksurfaces for work tools and personal items, Sprig tables intuitively support collaborative spaces. Use alone or blend several tables of varying heights and shapes to create layers and impart visual rhythm to the landscape. Designed to correspond with the scale, lines and colors of other Openest elements, Sprig tables can also easily stand on their own. Available in solid plank white oak or walnut, or with a painted finish, and complemented by painted aluminum legs.

Haworth Sprig Table

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