Dress Standing Aid


Designed by osko+deichmann

The trend-setting standing aid.

Wherever people have to sit for any length of time, dress represents a young alternative conducive to health. In offices, cafés, even in the reception area, this novel standing aid will support active sitting. It is continuously height-adjustable, thus perfectly adaptable for any task or tallness. A high-tech fabric hides the stable mechanism and grows and shrinks in sync with each adjustment. Here, form truly follows function – inviting to try out dress.

Dress Stools

Emphatically beautiful and healthy.

· Trend-setting standing aid, convincing thanks to its closed formal language

· Promoting active sitting at work and in meeting

· Continuously height-adjustable thanks to its circular release ring

· Adaptable High-Tech-knitted fabric stretchline covers and conceals the mechanism

· A circular base ring prevents soiling the fabric

· The plastic parts of this stool are available coloured stone or lava