Aloha Easy Upholstered Back

Designed by Haworth Design Studio

Aloha Easy upholstered back task provides a comprehensive range of options, allowing the chair to fit seamlessly into a broad range of interior environment. The Aloha Easy task chair offers good engonomic performance at an affordable price.

Aloha Easy Upholstered_Seating_Task Chair_04_Brand Marketing_2019

Contemporary Design


Upper back with crisp edge detail combined with dual-density back foam and inviting seat pan gives it a contemporary look and feel.

Lasting Comfort


The dual-density back foam consists of out profile foam and inner foam. The outer profile foam is higher in density around the edge to provide a crisp clean finish, whereas the inner foam is much softer lower density to support the user and provide lasting comfort.

Aloha Easy Upholstered_Seating_Task Chair_01_Brand Marketing_2019
Aloha Easy Upholstered_Seating_Task Chair_05_Brand Marketing_2019



Developed based on a successful platform, Aloha Easy foam back addresses increasing market demand for cost-effective task chairs, by providing good ergonomic performance at an affordable price.