BuzziNordic ST200


Designed by Staffan Thomasen

A fully upholstered range of armchairs and sofas, in a vintage Scandinavian style.


BuzziNordic ST200 armchair
BuzziNordic ST200 Three seater sofa
BuzziNordic ST200

Timeless Vintage

Modern social spaces get more comfortable when outfitted in stylish Nordic elegancy. With cushions that hug the body and a tailored aesthetic, BuzziNordic ST200 is designed to look as comfortable as it feels. The classic style, elegantly elevated on wooden feet, is offered as a lounge chair or two seat sofa. Upholstered in vintage leather, BuzziNordic ST200 is designed to work in social spaces that draw people in.

Feels Like Home

Add personality to your lounge or social spaces by choosing colours that support your brand; decorate with pictures and inspirational quotes, and experiment with layered rugs. Try mixing some vintage items with BuzziNordic ST200 lounge chairs and sofas to create a collected-over-time designed space.