Designed by 13&9 Design

Aligning to the BuzziSpace ethos of well-being, this simple shape is designed to move minds and bodies. 


Move Your Mind

BuzziBalance is designed to encourage movement and boost energy, while bringing people together, provoking joy and conversation. As you find your balance for a few moments, your mind and body are awakened. BuzziBalance is ideal for creative work, and is a social hub in schools, libraries, offices, collaborative spaces, and more. 


Move your body

As a rocking pouf, BuzziBalance brings the benefits of purposeful stretching to work. Similar to a stability ball, it helps improve balance and posture.

The upholstered seat offers added acoustical benefits, helping absorb excess and unwanted sounds. While standing, the curved BuzziBalance board becomes a muscle activator. Invite interaction and an engaging experience that supports a culture of well-being in work and social settings.