Designed by Giulio Cappellini

Storage wherever you need it.

This product is not available in Japan.

Luxor 10"h Cabinet
Luxor Storage
Luxor 19"h Cabinet
Luxor 28"h Cabinet
Luxor Console
Luxor Cabinet

Crafted with detail.

Luxor cabinets and consoles are simply clean and modern, crafted with care and attention to detail. Cases are made partly from poplar plywood covered with aluminum, and doors have specially designed hinges. The spacious cabinets are available open or with doors, drawers, and shelves. A variety of combinations provides storage and space division in executive offices, event spaces, and libraries.

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Product Style Width Depth Overall Height
10"h Cabinet 70.75" 17.75" 16.5"
14"h Cabinet 70.75" 70.75" 21.5"
19"h Cabinet 106.25" 17.75" 26"
28"h Cabinet 70.75" 17.75" 35.5"
Console 70.75" 17.75" 28.25"
Cabinet 70.75" N/A 52"