Xi Collection

Designed by Haworth

“Xi” Collection is inspired by Imperial Seal, a traditional symbol of authority in China. Its classical design incorporates modern elements and ergonomics, leveraging only the very best materials. The collection is exquisitely crafted to present an elegant style – one that exemplifies an ability to embrace and satisfy the needs and imagination executives.


Complete Control

“Xi” Collection executive desk is exclusively designed for the business elite. Every detail is executed to reflect the spirit for perfection. Elegant and ergonomically designed, “Xi” office desk is made of premium materials and meticulously crafted. It is multi-functional and capable of being organized in numerous combinations.

Elegance Attention to Details

“Xi” Collection combination cabinet’s aesthetic appeal is complemented by its ability to accommodate and display personal collections. Finely-executed details and amenities reflect the executive pursuit of the highest standards and quality.

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