By Haworth Design Studio & brodbeck design

Bowi is a versatile seating solution for a range of environments, from conference rooms to cafeterias and meeting spaces to project spaces.

Bowi Overview

Minimalist Design
Bowi is designed in clean simple aesthetic that compliments a range of environments, such as conference, meeting and projects rooms or cafeterias.

Easy Nesting
Crafty mechanism allows the chair to be easily inclined and nested using minimal space, to address to the increasing need for space and flexibility.

With all plastic construction, Bowi is designed to be cost-effective, providing a versatile seating solution at an affordable price.

Easy refurbishment​
Bowi seat and back pads are designed to be easily removed and refurbished, to bring the chair to second life process after use. ​

    • Simple clean aesthetic to suit most environments
    • Unique pivoting mechanism, allows easy nesting
    • Cost-effective all plastic design
    • Made with circular design principles: the seat and back pads are replaceable and recyclable​
    • Certificate - GreenGuard
    • Certificate - GreenGuard Gold
    • China


Revit Individual Model

Bowi | Seminar Chair