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Thinking About Wellness?


Workplace wellness programs as we know them aren’t working. Based on two years of research with hundreds of leaders across multiple industries, the findings are a wake-up call. In the book, Dr. Michael O’Neill, a Senior Research Strategist at Haworth, explains the concept of behavioral economics and explores the connection between workspace design and employee well-being that goes beyond physical health.


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Thought-provoking insights throughout the book provide clarity through real-world examples.


Google's Journey

The authors talked to the lead behind project Aristotle and Google's journey into well-being. The book features additional context behind the published research and new insights based on their conversations.


Mayo Clinic's Findings

The cohort traveled to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, to take a deep dive into the science of wellness and well-being. They explored the topic of focus and mind-wandering, and the tie to stress and environment.


Discover Workspace Nudge™ research and design tips that foster well-being—which leads to success for organizations.

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Discover Workspace Nudge™ research and design tips that foster well-being—which leads to success for organizations.

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About the Authors


Dr. Michael O'Neill

Dr. Michael O'Neill holds a B.A. in psychology, an M. Arch and Ph.D. in Architecture. With 20+ years in the industry, Michael is based in the US as the Lead for Haworth's Research, Workplace Strategy, and Business Intelligence departments. Workplace Research takes a broad global perspective to identify future trends and offer practical insights for workspace strategy, planning, and products.


Rex Miller

Rex Miller is an internationally award winning author, respected futurist, elite coach, and compelling keynote speaker. His mindSHIFT process brings a unique crowdsourced approach to tackling complex leadership challenges. In partnership with Haworth, this process has won both the CoreNet Global Innovators Award and Industry Excellence Award.


Phil Williams

Phil Williams has 30 years of industry experience and is recognized for his comprehensive approach. This includes his appreciation for the dynamics of building ownership and development, the nuance of design, the detail of engineering, the pace of commercial construction, and the discipline of facilities and operations. He serves as the Industry Chair for the Center for the Built Environment and is on the Boards of USGBC's Northern California Region.